• BME 200
  • Homework 1 - Due Aug 30

    You may work in groups, but the homework must be done individually.

    1. An empty intravenous (IV) bag can hold a total of 600 mL saline. The bag is filled for 10 min at 12 mL/min and then it springs a leak. Assume leaks out at a rate of 4 mL/min. How long will it take to fill the IV bag?
    2. Assume that you have developed a tracer with first-order kinetics and \(k=0.1\textrm{s}^{-1}\). For any given mass, how long will it take the tracer concentration to drop by (a) 50% and (b) by 75%? Hint: see equation 7.11 in your textbook

    3. Ch 7. homework problem 9

    4. Ch 7. homework problem 11 (hint: ideal gas law)

    5. Ch 7. homework problem 12 (plot in either Excel or Matlab)

    6. Ch 7. homework problem 14

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