• BME 210
  • Lab Quiz 1 Instructional Objectives

    These instructional objectives should provide you with a guide for learning the lab material. During the quiz you should be able to:

    1. Calculate the value of a resistor from the color bands (black, brown, ROY G BV, grey, white).
    2. Use a breadboard to build a simple circuit.
    3. Use a voltmeter to measure the AC/DC voltage of a node within a circuit.
    4. Use an ohmmeter to measure the value of a resistor.
    5. Use an impedance meter to measure the value of a capacitor.
    6. Use an ammeter to measure the AC/DC current.
    7. Use the oscilloscope to visualize and measure voltages.
    8. Use a function generator to create a signal with specific frequency and amplitude.
    9. Design and build a voltage divider.
    10. Calculate and/or measure the gain of an inverting/non-inverting amplifier.

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    January 6, 2018