BME 444 - Exam 2 Instructional Objectives

Exam Date: 04/09/20

These instructional objectives provide you with a guide for learning the course material. During the examination you should be able to:

  1. Explain the difference between first- and second-order transient system responses with and without feedback
  2. Explain the effect controller gain has on system output for first- and second-order systems
  3. Calculate the output and/or transfer function of a system with feedback and a disturbance
  4. Calculate $\tau$ for first-order systems with feedback
  5. Calculate the steady state value for first- and second-order systems with feedback and a disturbance, given a step input
  6. Calculate $\zeta$ and $\omega_n$ for 2nd order systems with feedback and disturbances if the controller is P, PD, or PID
  7. Calculate the steady-state output of a system given a step input and a P, PD, or PID controller
  8. Describe the effect a P, PD, or PID controller has on the system response
  9. Define and calculate open-loop gain, loop gain, open-loop transfer function, and closed-loop transfer function
  10. Calculate steady-state error for a system with or without a disturbance for any input
  11. Generate a magnitude and phase plot given a transfer function
  12. Calculate magnitude and phase of a transfer function given a frequency
  13. Convert magnitude from normalized to dB and vice versa
  14. Read values from a magnitude and phase plot
  15. Describe how feedback affects the magnitude and phase plots of a system
  16. Sketch the expected output from a system given magnitude and phase plots, and vice versa
  17. Calculate system output given a magnitude and phase plot, and vice versa
  18. Define stability in terms of BIBO
  19. Describe how gain, and the controller, can make a system unstable
  20. Determine system response given gain, or vice versa
  21. Calculate the gain margin of a system