Principal Investigator

Glenn Walker
I am an Associate Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Program at the University of Mississippi. My home department is Electrical Engineering. My group uses micro- and nanotechnology to develop devices that solve problems in medicine and biology. We identify clinical needs and then develop engineering solutions for these needs. Our interdisciplinary approach to problem solving results in frequent collaborations with faculty in other departments. Examples of past projects include an adjustable stiffness guide catheter for stent placement, microfluidic devices for high throughput drug screening, and paper pumps for microfluidic immunoassays.

Graduate Students

Jomiloju Adebolu (Electrical Engineering)
JJ is exploring a new approach for non-invasively measuring flow rate that uses magnetic sensors. The ultimate goal is to develop a biomedical sensor that can non-invasively measure blood flow. JJ enjoys playing soccer and watching FC Barcelona.

Undergraduate Students

Omar Mohd (Biomedical Engineering, NCSU)
Omar is working with Matt to test improved point-of-care assays. He is also building instrumentation to measure flow rates in microfluidic devices.